Screw Shoes

I learned about these through this site:

And through Runner’s World:

(Both sites provided excellent step-by-step tutorials.)

Early this month, after trying to run and not fall down on the New Year’s snow, I decided to made a pair of screw shoes for myself.  I used an old pair of running shoes, and 3/8″ hex-head machine screws.   Then the weather warmed up drastically, so I had no conditions for testing out the shoes.  But then Wednesday (day before yesterday) morning I woke up to snow that became icy, due to the bitter windchill.  So, I tested out my screw shoes on my usual 3.5 mile loop.  They were great!  I only felt a bit unsteady at one point, when I was going downhill on icy surface, with a strong wind pushing me.  Still, despite my nervousness, the shoes worked.  I could have used these years ago!

DGE Screw Shoes-a

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