Back in the Deep Freeze.

Last Thursday, the temperature was in the 60s(F), and I did a run in my running skirt and thin tights.  When I woke Friday, the temperature had abruptly plunged to a single digit (F) windchill.  I switched back to winter tights, 3 layers on top, fleece neck gator, hat and Bear Hand mittens.  Then yesterday we woke to a layer of ice, so back out came my totally awesome screw shoes.   DGE Screw Shoes-a

Then today we woke to several inches of snow on top of the ice.  So, out came my totally awesome Neos overshoe boots.

Neos Navigators

The streets and sidewalks were very quiet this afternoon, but this was cool–I saw another pair of runners.  122220131016a

I didn’t see whoever made these tracks, but it is pretty clear what they were doing.  *ruff ruff*122220131017a

Another fun thing about snow-running:  I made the first footprints along this path.122220131019a

There are my prints.  122220131020a

These pictures show that it was getting dark in the late afternoon.  But hey, we’re past the winter solstice, so the days are getting longer now.  Yesss!

And so the running streak continues.

I honestly felt a little warmer when this song started playing on my mp3 player toward the end of my run.

3 thoughts on “Back in the Deep Freeze.

  1. We rarely have to contend with snow here in Ireland. Something I am truly grateful for. I`d just like it for the photographic opportunities, that’s about it!
    Don`t forget though, for Janathon, if you care to complete it, that building a snowman counts as exercise!


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