So long Janathon. Hello again Runner’s World.

Well, just when I’ve begun living with my decision to not renew my Runners World subscription, I stumbled on this offer to renew for $5.99 per year.  So what the heck, that’s pretty darn cheap.  I signed up for another two years.  This $5.99 offer is apparently good until midnight EST tonight, January 31, 2014.  To get the deal, click here, and then at checkout, enter the discount code “MAVIS“.  I don’t get anything out of this; I’m just passing along the discount for anyone interested.   Discount and link are courtesy of a very cool blog called  And a big thank you (or make that curse you), to the blog owner Mavis, for the discount.

I’ll miss Janathon.  It’s been a lot of fun this year, and I did pretty well until my 6-day travel odyssey.  Today and the next few days I’ll be wearing screw shoes and maybe even Neos again.  So Janathon may be over, but winter is still here.

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