Difficult Decision

It has taken me a long to time to reach this decision, but I’ve decided not to renew my Runner’s World subscription this time around.  [*sob*]  It’s not that they placed a renewal order with themselves in my name, months before my paid subscription expires.  But as I’ve pondered whether to renew this time around, I’ve gotten too many notices like this, via mail and email, that make me feel like a deadbeat when I’ve done nothing wrong.

RW notice

I’ll miss the “yay” moment of seeing the magazine in my mailbox every month or so, and then reading it cover-to-cover; the good articles and the mundane and repeated stuff, and yes, even the ads.  But I’ve been contemplating for some time, whether or not to renew, because I guess I’m looking for content geared more toward my running interests, and it seems that RW has been trying to go a different way lately.  Or maybe it’s me; I don’t know.  So now that I’ve made this decision, I’ll start my search in earnest for my RW replacement.  I know it’s out there somewhere.  But in the meantime, I feel like I’m severing an old friendship where the cold realities of business crept in and caused us to forget all of the good things we once had in common.   And it hurts.

4 thoughts on “Difficult Decision

  1. I don`t know what running magazines are like in your neck of the woods(though I love an occasional RW mag) but here, they`re chock full of ads. Makes some of them virtually unreadable.


    1. True about the RW ads and their impact on the reading experience. I’m not a fan of all of the airbrushing, either. Just my preference again, but in a source of running information and inspiration, I’d prefer to see images of ‘real’ people.


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