Cold and Ice

The running streak continues, with quite a few quick one-milers.  The distances are short, but I can feel the positive effects on my energy level.  I’ve had to skip two days, due to work that left no opening in the schedule, but that hasn’t stopped me from picking back up with the streak the next day.

Last weekend the weather was sunny, warm and fantastic.  This week we plunged into a deep freeze, with temps in the 20 to 2F range (-7 to -17c).  Yesterday and today we have had ice to boot.  The local media advised us to stay off the roads.  As bad luck would have it, I was running low on milk yesterday.  So, I did a grocery jog/hike, wearing my screw shoes, and my Bear Hands, which are the warmest mittens I’ve ever owned.




With all of that warm gear and shoes for good traction, it was a comfortable outing.  Thankfully, there was no windchill to make it a trek in frozen misery.

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