Yoga, run, repeat.

I love beating the elements, even for a short run.  WP_20140105_003a

Yesterday’s run was in below-zero windchill, and 2 inches of new snow.  I went to a new level of layering.  I wore my insulated coveralls that I normally keep in the car for emergencies.  They look something like this, but navy blue.  No frills, no special features for runners, and not the slightest bit girly…all of which gives me some new sewing ideas.  *grin*


The coveralls would have been too warm for a long run, but my usual winter running tights would not have provided enough protection from the windchill, even on a short run.  So I really had no choice but to wear the coveralls.  I wore my usual cap, neck gator, and Bear Hands, and opted for screw shoes.  I stayed on the main road that had been mostly cleared of snow, but was slick with a thin layer of snowpack.  The screw shoes were great for traction, once again.

DGE Screw Shoes-a

The windchill was so cold that my forehead froze, even through my fleece cap.  I tried to keep my cap pulled way down to my eyes, and my neck gator way up to the bottom of my eyes, and around the back of my cap.   I really needed a windbreaker hood that I could pull down tight around my head and face.

The Bear Hands were great.  My hands were toasty warm.

IMG_5821wThis is getting old, going through all of this layering and equipping for the elements, all for a one mile run.  So I tried to stay out longer this time.  I managed 1.5 miles before deciding that the exposure to my forehead was going to become unsafe.  So that was the limiting factor on this run.

4 thoughts on “Yoga, run, repeat.

    1. Thank you! I’m really enjoying getting outside more, rather than using the indoor track or treadmill. The screw shoes are truly awesome. I should have tried them years ago.


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