A mile before the game.

Another quick mile yesterday, taking advantage of sun and relatively mild temps in the morning, before we plunged back into the deep freeze.

Amazingly, there are still remnants of the Christmas snow fort. 010420141028w

Then I attended a basketball game, in the same athletic complex where in college I used to run 30-60 minutes, 7 days a week, to keep my sanity as a student.   010420141029w

Today’s run will be in snow and sub-zero windchills.  I’d like to do a 3.5 mile loop, but if I can’t adequately protect against the windchill, I’ll have to cut back to a mile.  I’m really ready for a longer run.  Darn this polar vortex–whatever that is.  And to think we are just on an outer band of the vortex.

There is a big window in my house that on the coldest days, reminds me that I really need to replace it with something more energy-efficient.  010520141038w

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