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Grocery hike

July 21, 2013

Today before it got too hot out, I walked to the grocery store and back,

using the trolley I bought in Amsterdam,


wearing my other new pair of Xeros barefoot sandals,


and listening to a library book on my Kindle.


The entire trip took 90 minutes, and was as enjoyable as an errand can be.


From → Food, Reading, Running

  1. Ooohh, didn`t know one could listen to audio books on Kindle too! Oh wow, I might start wanting one even more! Love the sandals.


    • Thanks, I’ve become attached to the sandals very quickly! About the book–the cool thing is, it is not an audiobook; it is just a regular Kindle book. My Kindle Touch has a ‘text-to-speech’ option that works with almost any book. It is a computerized voice; not human. But still, it is great for taking on a walk or playing in the car.


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