Jogging for Groceries

My grocery hike last week spurred me into action.  I’ve always wanted to combine my run with a trip to the grocery store.  But then how do you get the groceries home?  I’ve never seen a ‘grocery jogger’, like a baby jogger.  But then the thought struck me, why not just use a baby jogger?  So I went looking for one that is inexpensive, doesn’t look like a stroller, and is convertible to a bike trailer.  Found and ordered this one.

Grocery joggerOn the trip to the store, it was obvious that people thought I had a baby in there.  That felt a little awkward.   Also, the front wheel wobbled badly when I jogged.  It was fine when I walked.

At the store, I pulled the front cover back, and used the carrier as my grocery cart.  I got a few curious looks, but no negative reactions.  The produce lady loved it, and so did another lady who walked by as I was talking to the produce lady.

On the way home from the store, the front wheel didn’t wobble at all.  The carrier obviously needs the weight in order to operate properly as a jogger.

Distance each way is 1.35 miles.  Total trip time was 80 minutes, with a full load of groceries, including a 16 pound bag of dog food.

IMG_3872aOne concern I have is with the way the front wheel sticks out.  It could be a tripping hazard for someone at the store.  I tried to maneuver the cart so the front wheel was never sticking out in the aisle.  The front wheel extension is on a hinge, and can fold back underneath the cart for storage.  So, I’m going to try to fashion a front wheel position that doesn’t stick out so far, for use at the store.  Stay tuned…

Grocery hike

Today before it got too hot out, I walked to the grocery store and back,

using the trolley I bought in Amsterdam,


wearing my other new pair of Xeros barefoot sandals,


and listening to a library book on my Kindle.


The entire trip took 90 minutes, and was as enjoyable as an errand can be.

Rubber Sole

Tonight was outing number two in my new Xero barefoot running sandals.  Twice now, I’ve tested them out on a one-mile run/walk.  They certainly tax a different set of muscles and tendons.  The day after the inaugural outing, my calves were very tight.  Tonight in the last quarter mile, my left arch started feeling stressed, so I did a walk break to let it relax.  But I love running in these.  They are so light and airy.  And, I feel like they are adding another type of workout to my routine.

Xero sandals

The soles, while thin, seem very tough.  I don’t think a piece of glass could cut through them.  I opted for the 6mm thickness, but they can also be purchased in a 4mm thickness.

Xero sole-a

I’ve also enjoyed wearing them around the house.  They are all-around very comfortable foot gear.  I have had to adjust the tension in the cording a couple of times, but that is normal and does not detract from the wearability.  Not bad for two flat rubber soles and some string.

“Run For Your Life”