Rubber Sole

Tonight was outing number two in my new Xero barefoot running sandals.  Twice now, I’ve tested them out on a one-mile run/walk.  They certainly tax a different set of muscles and tendons.  The day after the inaugural outing, my calves were very tight.  Tonight in the last quarter mile, my left arch started feeling stressed, so I did a walk break to let it relax.  But I love running in these.  They are so light and airy.  And, I feel like they are adding another type of workout to my routine.

Xero sandals

The soles, while thin, seem very tough.  I don’t think a piece of glass could cut through them.  I opted for the 6mm thickness, but they can also be purchased in a 4mm thickness.

Xero sole-a

I’ve also enjoyed wearing them around the house.  They are all-around very comfortable foot gear.  I have had to adjust the tension in the cording a couple of times, but that is normal and does not detract from the wearability.  Not bad for two flat rubber soles and some string.

“Run For Your Life”


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