My current header image looks sooo dreary.

Here is the full picture.  It might as well have been taken in black and white.

Snow Jan 30 2013

I even tried boosting the color saturation in the image.  There is almost no color to saturate.  Come on, Spring!  I guess that is an appropriate rant for Groundhog Day.

Janathon/runner blogs:  Cute and well organized blog with a running section with regular Janathon updates, reading and music sections, discussion on being vegetarian, and more.  Consistent Janathon updates from a new runner.  The last Janathon post was a nice look back over the month.  Pink background, and fun Janathon updates.  A snow picture possibly as dreary as mine, and her own version of shoe spikes.  Fun talk about running, and (OMG!) a hand-knit running top!   That is awesome!  Daily Janathon updates, with relevant philosopher quotes.  Very interesting perspective on exercise and fitness.  Janathon effort was cut short, but there are some stunning winter snow photos to click on and view in full.  And I mean stunning.

4 thoughts on “My current header image looks sooo dreary.

  1. I always feel like I’m living in an old black and white (or at most sepia toned) movie during winter 🙂

    Well done for completing Janathon! (And thanks for the blog mention 🙂 )


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