Last Day of Janathon


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This is the last day of Janathon.  There were quite a few days this month when I couldn’t run or update my blog, but in the end, Janathon worked!  When I got on the scale this morning I was back to my pre-holiday weight.  Woohoo!

This has been an extreme weather week.  Monday I did a 5-miler in the sun with the temp 73F/22C.  Two days later, I did a 3.5 mile loop, wearing my screw shoes on a sheet of snow and ice, with a windchill of 12F/-11C.  Some then-and-now views:Marion Dam-a

Snow Dam Jan 30 2013   Me Marion Dam-aSnow Lake Jan 30 2013

YesterdaySnowy field Jan 30 2013

And, a look back at last Summer’s drought.Cornfielda


Working my way through more interesting Janathon blogs.  I thought I would get through a lot more of the blogs this month, but alas, my day job intervened to interrupt my other pleasures.  As long as life permits, I’ll continue to explore the Janathon blogs and mention them, right up to Junathon.  I can identify with this one, having a busy work life that interferes with daily workouts.  And Millie the dog sounds like a super running companion.  A nice journal about how she has recently discovered that she loves running.  She is now working toward the Reading Half.  Daily Janathon updates, until about January 9–the same time my life got in the way of my progress.  I’m betting she is fitting runs and cross-training into her routine, but just can’t blog about it. A very thought provoking Top Ten List, and a review of a virtual running coach app.  A cool goal of 12 races in 12 months.  A morning porridge eater like me (oatmeal); and not afraid to mix imperial and metric distances.  Take care of that potential injury.

On to February!

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