Last Day of Janathon


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This is the last day of Janathon.  There were quite a few days this month when I couldn’t run or update my blog, but in the end, Janathon worked!  When I got on the scale this morning I was back to my pre-holiday weight.  Woohoo!

This has been an extreme weather week.  Monday I did a 5-miler in the sun with the temp 73F/22C.  Two days later, I did a 3.5 mile loop, wearing my screw shoes on a sheet of snow and ice, with a windchill of 12F/-11C.  Some then-and-now views:Marion Dam-a

Snow Dam Jan 30 2013   Me Marion Dam-aSnow Lake Jan 30 2013

YesterdaySnowy field Jan 30 2013

And, a look back at last Summer’s drought.Cornfielda


Working my way through more interesting Janathon blogs.  I thought I would get through a lot more of the blogs this month, but alas, my day job intervened to interrupt my other pleasures.  As long as life permits, I’ll continue to explore the Janathon blogs and mention them, right up to Junathon.  I can identify with this one, having a busy work life that interferes with daily workouts.  And Millie the dog sounds like a super running companion.  A nice journal about how she has recently discovered that she loves running.  She is now working toward the Reading Half.  Daily Janathon updates, until about January 9–the same time my life got in the way of my progress.  I’m betting she is fitting runs and cross-training into her routine, but just can’t blog about it. A very thought provoking Top Ten List, and a review of a virtual running coach app.  A cool goal of 12 races in 12 months.  A morning porridge eater like me (oatmeal); and not afraid to mix imperial and metric distances.  Take care of that potential injury.

On to February!

One of those days when you try to catch up on everything


I’m fighting with the front collar placement.  Then I will tame that standup collar attitude in the back.  I left my camera somewhere last weekend, so until I get it back this week, I’m stuck with my phone camera.

B&W front pinned-a  B&W back pinned-a

B&W collar pinned-a

B&W back collar pinned-a

I’m using this pattern again, but making a jumper that I can wear with tights, boots, and a long sleeved shirt underneath.


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I ran 2.5 miles today in gorgeous sunny, warm weather.  I should have done a long run, but am still catching up on office work.  I’m going to try doing a long run mid-week.  Those mid-week plans often don’t materialize, but I’m going to try nevertheless.  I’d give an update on my pre-holiday weight, but my scale needs a battery.

Some more excellent Janathon blogs:  Marathon training, and trying a personal trainer at the gym, and weights.  *scream*  Someone who makes a lot of her own food; as I do.   My favorite line:  “I was janathoned, showered, breakfasted and ready to go by 07.30am.” Describes a nice Christmas morning run.  Go, girl!  Fun talk, and then a tough decision to cut back on running.  That has to be hard.  Lovely cover photo of a long beach with palm trees.  And “running buddy” = ruddie.  I love it.   Hope the cold is getting better.  Ugh.  Best. Cover. Photo. Ever.  Inside, little short posts showing daily progress.


I’m reading Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker, by Jennifer Chiaverini.  It is an interesting, fast read so far.  Stay tuned.

What a week!

Shew!  That three days away from Janathon and blogging turned into an overwhelming week and three days.   Little time to run.  But I’m determined to be back on task.  I think I maintained my weight during that time, but I need to work on reducing it more.  Still not back to pre-holiday weight or feel.

Jumper #1 is cut out and ready to sew.   The fabric is a small black and white houndstooth:

BW mini houndstooth


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And, more Janathon blogs!  I had listed this group of blogs in my post that disappeared, which still frustrates me.  Grrr!  But I’ve take a new look at each blog, with pleasure: First, a little Backstreet Boys and Wilson Phillips, and then *scream* an ankle sprain!  Oh no.  She is persevering through Janathon, though.  Definitely a trooper!  Yikes, another injury!  But a diagnosis (inflammation) and a plan.  Her dedication is inspiring.  Fun pictures, and … shin splints!  Note to self:  Wellies are not good for workouts. Nice Janathon updates with pictures, and a neat tutorial on cleaning up your Pinterest board.  I may need to bookmark that post.  His Janathon routine includes kayaking, swimming and running.  All of this but he is fighting for motivation.  I’d say he is doing well, considering weather and other factors that come with January. Soon to be crowned.  Sorry!  Neat pictures from her nighttime runs.  I love night running, but I don’t have those awesome sights.  Very inspiring.

Today a short run for me.  This weekend I’ll do a longer run before the next cold front arrives from Canada.



One more day

One more grueling day of this three-day class, and then I return home to my routine, my Buddy, and my Janathon endeavor.  I am doing well on the nutrition front; resisting the junk and making progress on my pre-holiday weight.  Less than a pound to go.

I made two fabric acquisitions at JoAnns, that I think will be winter jumpers.  That online 5o% coupon came in very handy.

Janathon, day 6

Well, this is frustrating.  This blog entry, which I spent quite a bit of time on, disappeared when I hit the “Publish” button.  I waited a day to see if it would reappear, but apparently it is completely lost.  I’m not happy!

Anyway, back to Janathon talk with my next entry.  It’s been great running weather here.  The next three days I’ll have a hard time getting a workout in, and writing about it.  Fingers crossed that I accomplish at least one workout and blog update before the weekend.

I’m also trying to start a sewing project, which hopefully will take off this weekend.

Janathon, day 4

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Much to my horror, it appears I did in fact put on a pound or two during the Christmas festivities.  I’m now working on a return to my eating routine.  Today I did well at snacking on only things that have food value:  grapes, apple, orange.  I’ve restocked my supply of made-ahead smoothies.  I’ve made big batches of Frogmore Stew and Vegetable Soup, and stashed them away in the freezer in individual portions.  Likewise with yogurt biscuits and cornbread muffins.  I think I’m set for a return to nutritional normalcy.  But at the moment, I still feel puffy.  Grrr.

More Janathon blogs with lots to beware of:  Beware of photos of delicious looking food.  And a very cute Asda dress find.  Kudos!  Beware of photos of tempting bottles of stout.  And a very serious fitness goal.  Go for it.  Beware of photos of a super model cover girl and then scrolling on down…*scream* a foot in a plantar fasciitis boot!  My sincere condolences.  I’ve endured PF about 3 times over the years, so I feel your pain.  Hope your recovery doesn’t take much longer.  Beware of inspirational banner, and an admirable half marathon goal for 2012.  Beware of accomplished marathon runner.  Very impressive!  Another night runner!  That is my favorite time to run.  Fun images and tallies of things seen along the way, that made me chuckle.

Yesterday’s workout consisted of Meb’s exercises:  bicycles, scissors, planks, crunches, and more.

Janathon, day 3

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Yesterday, it was an easy two-mile indoor run/walk at the lovely new Y.  I slipped out of the office an hour early to get my run in, but still ended up sharing the 1/6th mile track with quite a few new year newbies, and some college athletes doing sprint work on the straights, which was inspiring.  The good thing about the track being so busy is that no one dares walk onto or across the track without looking first, and being sure to stay clear of the runners.  When the track is not so crowded, people wander onto the track as if they don’t even realize they might be stepping into the path of a runner.  I finished up about the time the after-work crowd was arriving.  Factor in that it is a new Y, the new year, and the end of the business day, and the line to check in at the front desk, extended all the way across the lobby back to the doors.  Ugh.  Thank goodness I went a little early.

I looked up some more cool Janathon bloggers today: Fun photos and realistic run descriptions I can identify with.  I love the term “running ninja”.  Fun read!   Just plain hilarious and fun to read!  Laughed all the way through. Great New Year’s Top Ten List for running.  You will root for this determined runner. Is on the hunt for an interesting site in London to photograph on his run, but in the meantime is posting nice maps of his running routes. A guy with a great sense of humor who is training for a marathon in May.

Today due to my packed schedule, this will be another cross-training day, where I’ll pull out Meb’s list of core exercises again.  I wasn’t sore from doing them the other day like I thought I’d be.

Janathon, day 2

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Janathon update:  Yesterday was a non-running day, because my calves were a bit sore.  So, I decided to try a series of Meb’s core exercises, as published in a recent Running Times article.  I went for 12 of each listed exercise, none of which was hard.  But since I don’t do some of those exercises with regularity (e.g., kicking toe touches), I will have some sore spots from this day.  The nice feature of these exercises is that I can do them in my home or office.

I’m going to try looking at the other Janathon participants’ blogs; a few a day.  It is going to be too much to make comments on 200+ blogs and then follow up to see if anyone responded.  So, I think I will mention here, the blogs I’ve read each day.  Yesterday I read these: (Inspiring post about turning a Tesco run into a workout.) (I like the rainfall updates.  We are in an extreme drought, so my rain gauge sits dry for weeks at a time.) (I love the mention of Bushy/Kingston, since I have had the privilege of running near there.  My current cover photo is from the Thames Barge Walk near Hampton Court.) (I simply love the name of this blog!) (Nice sentiments about Day 2) (Kudos to you for your health and fitness accomplishments these last few months!)

I love seeing how everyone fits a mention of Janathon into their posts.

New Year

Quick post after a long and eventful hiatus to say I’ve spent the day pondering what to make of this year on many fronts.  In the running department, I participated in an exceptionally fun 5k last night.  Then today did a 2-miler on my own, on alternating dry and icy surfaces.  Ugh.  I have two nearby half marathons in my sights; one in April and the other in early June.  To prepare, I’m thinking of doing a modified version of this 16-week program with three runs per week and cross training on the non-running days.  Locating the Y’s current group fitness schedule has been a challenge today, but once I find that schedule, I hope to wedge a weekly yoga class back into my life.   That’s four days down; three more cross training days to fill in.  This thought to be continued; stay tuned.

Oh yes.  And why did I post a quick blog today about running, and why will I be posting regular updates over the next month?  Because I’ve signed up for Janathon.

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