New Year

Quick post after a long and eventful hiatus to say I’ve spent the day pondering what to make of this year on many fronts.  In the running department, I participated in an exceptionally fun 5k last night.  Then today did a 2-miler on my own, on alternating dry and icy surfaces.  Ugh.  I have two nearby half marathons in my sights; one in April and the other in early June.  To prepare, I’m thinking of doing a modified version of this 16-week program with three runs per week and cross training on the non-running days.  Locating the Y’s current group fitness schedule has been a challenge today, but once I find that schedule, I hope to wedge a weekly yoga class back into my life.   That’s four days down; three more cross training days to fill in.  This thought to be continued; stay tuned.

Oh yes.  And why did I post a quick blog today about running, and why will I be posting regular updates over the next month?  Because I’ve signed up for Janathon.

Janathoon 2012 Participant Logo

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