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Janathon, day 2

January 3, 2013

Janathoon 2012 Participant Logo

Janathon update:  Yesterday was a non-running day, because my calves were a bit sore.  So, I decided to try a series of Meb’s core exercises, as published in a recent Running Times article.  I went for 12 of each listed exercise, none of which was hard.  But since I don’t do some of those exercises with regularity (e.g., kicking toe touches), I will have some sore spots from this day.  The nice feature of these exercises is that I can do them in my home or office.

I’m going to try looking at the other Janathon participants’ blogs; a few a day.  It is going to be too much to make comments on 200+ blogs and then follow up to see if anyone responded.  So, I think I will mention here, the blogs I’ve read each day.  Yesterday I read these: (Inspiring post about turning a Tesco run into a workout.) (I like the rainfall updates.  We are in an extreme drought, so my rain gauge sits dry for weeks at a time.) (I love the mention of Bushy/Kingston, since I have had the privilege of running near there.  My current cover photo is from the Thames Barge Walk near Hampton Court.) (I simply love the name of this blog!) (Nice sentiments about Day 2) (Kudos to you for your health and fitness accomplishments these last few months!)

I love seeing how everyone fits a mention of Janathon into their posts.


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  1. Great links, thanks!


  2. My pleasure! There are so many good ones out there.


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