Janathon, day 2

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Janathon update:  Yesterday was a non-running day, because my calves were a bit sore.  So, I decided to try a series of Meb’s core exercises, as published in a recent Running Times article.  I went for 12 of each listed exercise, none of which was hard.  But since I don’t do some of those exercises with regularity (e.g., kicking toe touches), I will have some sore spots from this day.  The nice feature of these exercises is that I can do them in my home or office.

I’m going to try looking at the other Janathon participants’ blogs; a few a day.  It is going to be too much to make comments on 200+ blogs and then follow up to see if anyone responded.  So, I think I will mention here, the blogs I’ve read each day.  Yesterday I read these:

http://www.jog-blog.co.uk/ (Inspiring post about turning a Tesco run into a workout.)

http://iliketocount.wordpress.com/ (I like the rainfall updates.  We are in an extreme drought, so my rain gauge sits dry for weeks at a time.)

http://abradypus.wordpress.com/ (I love the mention of Bushy/Kingston, since I have had the privilege of running near there.  My current cover photo is from the Thames Barge Walk near Hampton Court.)

http://runforthequiet.com/ (I simply love the name of this blog!)

http://fairweatherrunner.co.uk/ (Nice sentiments about Day 2)

http://ninjamum.wordpress.com/ (Kudos to you for your health and fitness accomplishments these last few months!)

I love seeing how everyone fits a mention of Janathon into their posts.

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