Janathon, day 3

Janathoon 2012 Participant Logo

Yesterday, it was an easy two-mile indoor run/walk at the lovely new Y.  I slipped out of the office an hour early to get my run in, but still ended up sharing the 1/6th mile track with quite a few new year newbies, and some college athletes doing sprint work on the straights, which was inspiring.  The good thing about the track being so busy is that no one dares walk onto or across the track without looking first, and being sure to stay clear of the runners.  When the track is not so crowded, people wander onto the track as if they don’t even realize they might be stepping into the path of a runner.  I finished up about the time the after-work crowd was arriving.  Factor in that it is a new Y, the new year, and the end of the business day, and the line to check in at the front desk, extended all the way across the lobby back to the doors.  Ugh.  Thank goodness I went a little early.

I looked up some more cool Janathon bloggers today:

http://www.lipsticklettucelycra.co.uk/ Fun photos and realistic run descriptions I can identify with.  I love the term “running ninja”.  Fun read!

http://runthomasrun.wordpress.com/   Just plain hilarious and fun to read!  Laughed all the way through.

http://runningstill.wordpress.com/ Great New Year’s Top Ten List for running.

http://7stoneitch.wordpress.com/  You will root for this determined runner.

http://www.runningdan.co.uk/ Is on the hunt for an interesting site in London to photograph on his run, but in the meantime is posting nice maps of his running routes.

http://www.fatboyfit.co.uk/ A guy with a great sense of humor who is training for a marathon in May.

Today due to my packed schedule, this will be another cross-training day, where I’ll pull out Meb’s list of core exercises again.  I wasn’t sore from doing them the other day like I thought I’d be.

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