Janathon, day 4

Janathoon 2012 Participant Logo

Much to my horror, it appears I did in fact put on a pound or two during the Christmas festivities.  I’m now working on a return to my eating routine.  Today I did well at snacking on only things that have food value:  grapes, apple, orange.  I’ve restocked my supply of made-ahead smoothies.  I’ve made big batches of Frogmore Stew and Vegetable Soup, and stashed them away in the freezer in individual portions.  Likewise with yogurt biscuits and cornbread muffins.  I think I’m set for a return to nutritional normalcy.  But at the moment, I still feel puffy.  Grrr.

More Janathon blogs with lots to beware of:

http://www.clairejustineoxox.com/  Beware of photos of delicious looking food.  And a very cute Asda dress find.  Kudos!

http://www.warriorwomen.co.uk/  Beware of photos of tempting bottles of stout.  And a very serious fitness goal.  Go for it.

http://henniemavis.wordpress.com/  Beware of photos of a super model cover girl and then scrolling on down…*scream* a foot in a plantar fasciitis boot!  My sincere condolences.  I’ve endured PF about 3 times over the years, so I feel your pain.  Hope your recovery doesn’t take much longer.

http://joggingjules5.wordpress.com/  Beware of inspirational banner, and an admirable half marathon goal for 2012.

http://www.roper.org.uk/marathon2005/  Beware of accomplished marathon runner.  Very impressive!

http://lengthorn.wordpress.com/  Another night runner!  That is my favorite time to run.  Fun images and tallies of things seen along the way, that made me chuckle.

Yesterday’s workout consisted of Meb’s exercises:  bicycles, scissors, planks, crunches, and more.

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