What a week!

Shew!  That three days away from Janathon and blogging turned into an overwhelming week and three days.   Little time to run.  But I’m determined to be back on task.  I think I maintained my weight during that time, but I need to work on reducing it more.  Still not back to pre-holiday weight or feel.

Jumper #1 is cut out and ready to sew.   The fabric is a small black and white houndstooth:

BW mini houndstooth


Janathoon 2012 Participant Logo

And, more Janathon blogs!  I had listed this group of blogs in my post that disappeared, which still frustrates me.  Grrr!  But I’ve take a new look at each blog, with pleasure:

http://carynvincent.wordpress.com/ First, a little Backstreet Boys and Wilson Phillips, and then *scream* an ankle sprain!  Oh no.  She is persevering through Janathon, though.  Definitely a trooper!

http://jogonaimee.blogspot.com/  Yikes, another injury!  But a diagnosis (inflammation) and a plan.  Her dedication is inspiring.

http://happyday2daydotcom.wordpress.com/  Fun pictures, and … shin splints!  Note to self:  Wellies are not good for workouts.

http://withanna.wordpress.com/ Nice Janathon updates with pictures, and a neat tutorial on cleaning up your Pinterest board.  I may need to bookmark that post.

http://www.allars.co.uk/  His Janathon routine includes kayaking, swimming and running.  All of this but he is fighting for motivation.  I’d say he is doing well, considering weather and other factors that come with January.

http://carahendry.wordpress.com/author/carahendry/ Soon to be crowned.  Sorry!  Neat pictures from her nighttime runs.  I love night running, but I don’t have those awesome sights.  Very inspiring.

Today a short run for me.  This weekend I’ll do a longer run before the next cold front arrives from Canada.



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