DIY Mini Rolling Pin (and making dog treats easy)

It was a drag, rolling out dough to fit my baking sheets.  The sheets are ‘jelly roll’ style, which means they are rimmed with a raised edge.  A regular rolling pin is too big to fit within the pan.  My option was to treat it like pastry dough; i.e., roll the dough out on the counter and measure it to fit the sheet, then carefully lift the dough and place it in the sheet; or press the dough into the sheet with my fingers and then roll it with whatever cylindrical gadget I could find to fit the pan.

Some of the gadgets I’ve tried; none of which worked out very well:


Myrtle-the-pup loves homemade dog treats, and I enjoy making them.  So this issue of rolling out the dough was becoming an all-too-frequent annoyance.

The solution:  I bought a 1.25-inch diameter wood dowel from the craft aisle of the store.  It was $1.50.  They are sold in 3-foot lengths.  At home, with a little saw, I measured and cut a piece to the width of my baking sheet.  Then washed the new little ‘rolling pin’ and coated it with mineral oil.


Now, a batch of dough goes from this…


to this…


to this with ease!


For Myrtle’s treats, I score the dough before baking, to be broken into little squares later.  A pizza cutter works great for this.


Don’t make the scoring tedious.  The pieces don’t have to be uniform in size or shape.


(Yes, I have a dog bone-shaped cookie cutter.  But using it is a slow, tedious process.  I do use it for special gifts for Myrtle’s dog friends and cousins, but that’s all.)

After baking, the treats come out of the oven looking like this.


After cooling, it only takes a minute or two to break them all up.


I store the treats in an old Parmesan shaker, for easy dispensing.


The dog treat recipe I used for this batch is the Apple-Carrot Treats from this page:  (The recipe is adapted from this one: ).

The taste-tester approves.




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8 thoughts on “DIY Mini Rolling Pin (and making dog treats easy)

  1. We have finally started to look at different Saints…we are closing in on getting one…this would be handy…thank you
    A wonderful song as always.


      1. Yea…we are looking at Saint Bernard Rescues instead of a puppy. The house is not a home without a dog…


  2. Please forgive me but it’s driving me crazy… You mentioned a poem by someone when we first started to comment about spinning or weaving…was it gold?…who was it? It was about a mother and son I believe.
    I’ve searched through comments…I didn’t want to bug you.


    1. It was Ballad Of The Harp Weaver, by Edna St. Vincent Millay. I think that’s the title; if not that’s close. That’s a good one. Just thinking about it makes me get a little bit choked up.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you so much! The story stuck with me just not the title. That is it. I liked it the first time I read it…I had it bookmarked but lost it.


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