Restoring the Routine

With all of my travels and other activities this Summer, my running routine suffered, despite my best-laid-plans to maintain my fitness level.  So, these past two weeks, I’ve been rebuilding the routine.  The weather has cooperated beautifully.

This was yesterday, on my 3.5 mile loop. 

The fisherman I passed told me today is to be even better.  09282013898w

My favorite windmill is looking picturesque in the Fall colors and late day sun.09282013903w

My favorite cultivated field view is looking lovely as well.    09232013890w

I detoured from the pavement because I love this little stretch of gravel road. 

(This is normally part of my 5-mile loop.)


And my favorite dam was looking lovely in the late-day sunlight.  09282013907w

I’m not the only one who thinks this is the perfect running course.09282013901w


State Fair, part 2

So, it was a gorgeous sunny day at the fair, when clouds suddenly moved in, the skies broke, and rain started coming down in sheets and buckets.  We headed for the indoor birthing center.  SAM_3122w

We missed the newborn calves; it was the last day of the fair, and those little ones had just been removed for the trip home.

But we saw newborn lambs and piglets.





One little piglet was really getting around.  And he moved fast.  He’s a little blur in most of my pictures.




And the rain continued to fall, so we moved on to the rabbits.


And goats.SAM_3068w SAM_3069w SAM_3070w

Then we got some hail.  So we sat down in a food tent for an early dinner.  Ever had a pulled pork parfait?  It is an entire dinner in a solo cup, complete with layers of meat, barbeque sauce, beans, and a round scoop of creamy mashed potatoes on top.  Tasty.


Then the rain finally let up, so we walked over to the Midway to see if the rides would be starting back up.

Er, looks like not. For obvious reasons, they closed the rides down for the day.  *sob*



But they gave us a ride voucher good for next year.  *cheer*

That night, from the Grandstand, we watched this guy give a fine concert.

Lots of walking, sightseeing, people watching, and running for shelter.  And then suddenly, it’s all over and I’m waiting for next year again.

State Fair

I look forward to this all year.  Our trip to the State Fair.

This year the day started out sunny and warm.  After riding a few rides, we went to my personal favorite building.  Which appears to be undergoing some issues this year.  Hmmm.  SAM_3053w

Inside are lots of things I love.



The Duct Tape Creations.


Lots of quilts!  Except they aren’t displayed so they can be seen and admired.  Very frustrating.


But this one was prominently displayed.  Sort of.  Anyway, I admired it.



Back outside, we stopped more than once to let the train pass.


Then on to the produce building.

SAM_3065w SAM_3063w

This year the largest pumpkin weighed in at 492.6 lbs.  Whew!


Then we headed out to take in some more rides.

Then we thought we heard thunder.  And looking up, yes there was a cloud coming.  Then it got closer and darker.  SAM_3131w

And then it was pouring.  So with rain jackets on, we made a beeline for another of our very favorite buildings.


Stay tuned…


Another music fix this past weekend.  The whole weekend.

(I want to make a quilt like that billboard.)SAM_2865a-w

The entire downtown decked out for the festivities.

The coffee shop recreated an album cover in its front window.SAM_2843a-w

The yarn shop “yarn-bombed” itself.  SAM_2845a-w

The downtown crossroads became British.SAM_2857a-w

There was sidewalk art.SAM_2855a-w

The watermelons sported “staches.”SAM_2831a-2

Yes, even these guys got into the spirit.  SAM_2862a-w

 Where did we sleep?  With 9000 other tent campers.SAM_2822a-w

The crowd was great.SAM_2875a-w

Time to get closer.SAM_2876a-w

This band nearly brought me to my knees.  Heavy Chevy, baby.SAM_2887w

Turning around to see if anyone was behind us.  SAM_2892a-w

Then the headliners.  SAM_2903bw-w  SAM_2907w


Pedometer recorded 11k steps the first night.  Another 10k by the next afternoon.  Then I forgot to put it back on after showering.

Another concert this weekend, and one next.  Then I endure a long dry spell until mid-October.

Quilt Pattern Pieces

These patterns were all from the same quilter, I believe, but I did not know her/him.  I love trying to decipher where some of the patterns came from.  Some of the scans are cropped, due to the size limits of my scanning bed.  I tried to capture most of the good parts, though.

For a detailed view, click on any of the images.

quilt pattern7 quilt pattern8 quilt pattern6 quilt pattern5 quilt pattern4

These two quarter circles may be my favorites.quilt pattern3 quilt pattern2

Or maybe this dress fabric ad is my favorite.  quilt pattern

So many patterns, so little time.  Sigh. 

More Nighttime Kayaking

Last night was the annual Labor Day fireworks display at our lake and park.  Watching them from a kayak is a lovely way to go.  I could feel the booms resonate through the water.




Tough duty, this cross training business.  Wink wink.

Kayaking to the Movies

Last night’s cross training brought to you by Herbie the Love Bug.

With folded lawn chair strapped in (and my stick-on boating lights to be legal at night) I kayaked over to the lake swimming beach area to join in the community outdoor movie night.


The setup was great.  08312013841w


They had citronella torches placed throughout the area, and a movie-style popcorn machine on site; both welcome efforts.  It was great to be among lots of families out watching the movie after a day of lake fun.

Looking forward to the next movie night.  I’m hearing it will be Smokey and the Bandit.

“What we’re dealing with here is a complete lack of respect for the law.”