State Fair, part 2

So, it was a gorgeous sunny day at the fair, when clouds suddenly moved in, the skies broke, and rain started coming down in sheets and buckets.  We headed for the indoor birthing center.  SAM_3122w

We missed the newborn calves; it was the last day of the fair, and those little ones had just been removed for the trip home.

But we saw newborn lambs and piglets.





One little piglet was really getting around.  And he moved fast.  He’s a little blur in most of my pictures.




And the rain continued to fall, so we moved on to the rabbits.


And goats.SAM_3068w SAM_3069w SAM_3070w

Then we got some hail.  So we sat down in a food tent for an early dinner.  Ever had a pulled pork parfait?  It is an entire dinner in a solo cup, complete with layers of meat, barbeque sauce, beans, and a round scoop of creamy mashed potatoes on top.  Tasty.


Then the rain finally let up, so we walked over to the Midway to see if the rides would be starting back up.

Er, looks like not. For obvious reasons, they closed the rides down for the day.  *sob*



But they gave us a ride voucher good for next year.  *cheer*

That night, from the Grandstand, we watched this guy give a fine concert.

Lots of walking, sightseeing, people watching, and running for shelter.  And then suddenly, it’s all over and I’m waiting for next year again.

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