Restoring the Routine

With all of my travels and other activities this Summer, my running routine suffered, despite my best-laid-plans to maintain my fitness level.  So, these past two weeks, I’ve been rebuilding the routine.  The weather has cooperated beautifully.

This was yesterday, on my 3.5 mile loop. 

The fisherman I passed told me today is to be even better.  09282013898w

My favorite windmill is looking picturesque in the Fall colors and late day sun.09282013903w

My favorite cultivated field view is looking lovely as well.    09232013890w

I detoured from the pavement because I love this little stretch of gravel road. 

(This is normally part of my 5-mile loop.)


And my favorite dam was looking lovely in the late-day sunlight.  09282013907w

I’m not the only one who thinks this is the perfect running course.09282013901w


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