State Fair

I look forward to this all year.  Our trip to the State Fair.

This year the day started out sunny and warm.  After riding a few rides, we went to my personal favorite building.  Which appears to be undergoing some issues this year.  Hmmm.  SAM_3053w

Inside are lots of things I love.



The Duct Tape Creations.


Lots of quilts!  Except they aren’t displayed so they can be seen and admired.  Very frustrating.


But this one was prominently displayed.  Sort of.  Anyway, I admired it.



Back outside, we stopped more than once to let the train pass.


Then on to the produce building.

SAM_3065w SAM_3063w

This year the largest pumpkin weighed in at 492.6 lbs.  Whew!


Then we headed out to take in some more rides.

Then we thought we heard thunder.  And looking up, yes there was a cloud coming.  Then it got closer and darker.  SAM_3131w

And then it was pouring.  So with rain jackets on, we made a beeline for another of our very favorite buildings.


Stay tuned…

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