Another music fix this past weekend.  The whole weekend.

(I want to make a quilt like that billboard.)SAM_2865a-w

The entire downtown decked out for the festivities.

The coffee shop recreated an album cover in its front window.SAM_2843a-w

The yarn shop “yarn-bombed” itself.  SAM_2845a-w

The downtown crossroads became British.SAM_2857a-w

There was sidewalk art.SAM_2855a-w

The watermelons sported “staches.”SAM_2831a-2

Yes, even these guys got into the spirit.  SAM_2862a-w

 Where did we sleep?  With 9000 other tent campers.SAM_2822a-w

The crowd was great.SAM_2875a-w

Time to get closer.SAM_2876a-w

This band nearly brought me to my knees.  Heavy Chevy, baby.SAM_2887w

Turning around to see if anyone was behind us.  SAM_2892a-w

Then the headliners.  SAM_2903bw-w  SAM_2907w


Pedometer recorded 11k steps the first night.  Another 10k by the next afternoon.  Then I forgot to put it back on after showering.

Another concert this weekend, and one next.  Then I endure a long dry spell until mid-October.

10 thoughts on “Stopover

      1. I love festivals like that…even small-town festivals…everyone usually is on the same page…we went to the RC and Moonpie festival years ago…in a small town here…had a ball.

        You know you are looking at the “old days” when you notice… wait…no masks!


      2. Sounds like you should go to more festivals…when we can all start doing that again. It’s one of the things I’ve missed most about this pandemic. I find myself pulling up my past festival photo albums and wondering when I’ll get to experience it again.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. You are right…those and street fairs are fun. It’s something we got out of the habit of doing…I think when it starts back…we will be there.


      4. I hope we’ll see a lot of the outdoor fairs and festivals when they are reasonably safe again. I love how relaxed they are, and how you can do as much or as little as you want and still feel a part of it.

        Liked by 1 person

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