Another music fix this past weekend.  The whole weekend.

(I want to make a quilt like that billboard.)SAM_2865a-w

The entire downtown decked out for the festivities.

The coffee shop recreated an album cover in its front window.SAM_2843a-w

The yarn shop “yarn-bombed” itself.  SAM_2845a-w

The downtown crossroads became British.SAM_2857a-w

There was sidewalk art.SAM_2855a-w

The watermelons sported “staches.”SAM_2831a-2

Yes, even these guys got into the spirit.  SAM_2862a-w

 Where did we sleep?  With 9000 other tent campers.SAM_2822a-w

The crowd was great.SAM_2875a-w

Time to get closer.SAM_2876a-w

This band nearly brought me to my knees.  Heavy Chevy, baby.SAM_2887w

Turning around to see if anyone was behind us.  SAM_2892a-w

Then the headliners.  SAM_2903bw-w  SAM_2907w


Pedometer recorded 11k steps the first night.  Another 10k by the next afternoon.  Then I forgot to put it back on after showering.

Another concert this weekend, and one next.  Then I endure a long dry spell until mid-October.

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