Dog Days

I’m trying this cool community workout program this summer:  Red Dog’s Dog Days.  They’ve started offering a program for people who have moved away, which I really appreciate.

Sample workout from last week:

  • Stretch
  • 30 seconds Jumping Jacks
  • 30 seconds Push Ups

Today’s Run:

  • Jog 100 yards forwards
  • Jog 100 yards backwards
  • High step 50 yards, Jog 50 yards
  • Side shuffle 30 yards, switch directions and shuffle 30 yards, skip 40 yards
  • Sprint 120 yards, straight into 7 narrow, 7 regular, and 7 wide pushups
  • Jog 4 laps, sprinting the last 110 yards of final lap

It has helped me to have an active, well-rounded daily workout while recovering from my 10k last weekend.  And the Dog Days are Buddy-approved.  LakeHouseClosetQuilt+Buddy

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