England, here I come!

My long-awaited second trip to England begins this weekend.  Three years of planning and preparing, yet I’m still panicked about whether I have everything packed and ready to go.  Last night while driving, I had an anxious moment when I tried to remember if I’d packed my passport yet.  Of course when I checked, I found it safely tucked away already in my carry on bag.  Looking forward to spending time with friends, seeing a concert or two, and working in a few runs with fellow runners.  More to come from the other side of The Pond.  Until then, a few sights from my earlier visit that I probably won’t get to see this time.  In no particular order.









Hope everyone is doing well with Juneathon.  I managed to fit in a 3.5 mile run this morning, and have been doing a few calisthenics each day.  It will probably be Sunday before my schedule will allow for the next run.  But I’ll enjoy the setting, that much I know.


Dog Days

I’m trying this cool community workout program this summer:  Red Dog’s Dog Days.  They’ve started offering a program for people who have moved away, which I really appreciate.

Sample workout from last week:

  • Stretch
  • 30 seconds Jumping Jacks
  • 30 seconds Push Ups

Today’s Run:

  • Jog 100 yards forwards
  • Jog 100 yards backwards
  • High step 50 yards, Jog 50 yards
  • Side shuffle 30 yards, switch directions and shuffle 30 yards, skip 40 yards
  • Sprint 120 yards, straight into 7 narrow, 7 regular, and 7 wide pushups
  • Jog 4 laps, sprinting the last 110 yards of final lap

It has helped me to have an active, well-rounded daily workout while recovering from my 10k last weekend.  And the Dog Days are Buddy-approved.  LakeHouseClosetQuilt+Buddy


Once again I underestimated how grueling that 10k is.  I did improve my finish time over last year, and I’m determined to try again next year for the half marathon.  But, I did the right thing to downgrade yesterday, no question.  The trip straight up the dam is beyond difficult.  It zaps every ounce of energy remaining after two previous steep hill climbs.  Then, the run along that flat, long stretch of dam is roughly a mile, which should allow one to make up some lost time.  But it is hot up there, and too much energy at that stretch is spent recovering from scaling the dam.  When I reached the top, I wanted to cry and throw up, both.  But that misery eventually passed, and it then was back down the dam at the other end, and back into the trees.  It is still one of the funnest events ever.  The trails through the trees are immensely enjoyable.

The awesome trails


The top of the dam


That’s the finish line down there.  So close, yet so far away.


Descending back down the dam. 

(Thanks to the race photographers for sharing these!)

Storm the Dam3a Storm the Dam2a

Back into the trees.


The river crossing.


Eventually, I did reach the finish, and enjoyed some delicious race food.


That night, in the rain, I stood just a couple of people back from the stage

and watched this group that I loved way back when.


I signed up for this half marathon trail run tomorrow morning, but I didn’t get enough training miles in, so I’ve downgraded my registration to the 10k.  I’m disappointed in having to downgrade, but it is much more difficult than a regular half or 10k on paved roads.  It will be a challenge, and very fun.  I’ve looked forward to it ever since I did this event for the first time last year.  So, tonight it was a high-carb sandwich for dinner, and then a mile walk to stay loose.  Good night!

Rubber Sole

Tonight was outing number two in my new Xero barefoot running sandals.  Twice now, I’ve tested them out on a one-mile run/walk.  They certainly tax a different set of muscles and tendons.  The day after the inaugural outing, my calves were very tight.  Tonight in the last quarter mile, my left arch started feeling stressed, so I did a walk break to let it relax.  But I love running in these.  They are so light and airy.  And, I feel like they are adding another type of workout to my routine.

Xero sandals

The soles, while thin, seem very tough.  I don’t think a piece of glass could cut through them.  I opted for the 6mm thickness, but they can also be purchased in a 4mm thickness.

Xero sole-a

I’ve also enjoyed wearing them around the house.  They are all-around very comfortable foot gear.  I have had to adjust the tension in the cording a couple of times, but that is normal and does not detract from the wearability.  Not bad for two flat rubber soles and some string.

“Run For Your Life”



I’ve run under this cool trestle a gazillion times, but tonight was the first time a train was passing overhead.  It was a bit unsettling to run under a bridge with a train moving by just a few feet above.  The trestle floor is not solid; you can look up from underneath and see the underside of the cars passing overhead.


I also love the railroad bridge that crosses the river. 


It has a nostalgic feel. 


The artwork on the train cars is captivating.


Another perfect Juneathon evening, when I can run at almost 9pm and it is light out. 


Another 2 miles in the fitness log book.

I’m reading The Appeal, by John Grisham.  It’s a good one.

Helllooooo Juneathon!

My Little Sis and I started the month off right, with a 2-mile fun run/walk this morning.  She is a teenager and not a runner, so we agreed to run certain segments (for me), and walk the rest (for her).  But hey, she sprinted on her own through the approach to the finish line, which made me proud, but I didn’t go on too much with praise, lest she rebel and resolve never to do it again.  It was our third fun run together; our second time to do this one, and I’m plotting our next at this very moment.

It was a gorgeous morning, which doesn’t explain the noticeably smaller crowd of participants compared to prior years.  But definitely a fun morning.  Race food at the finish line was the standard orange quarter, half banana and chunk of bagel, plus a big 32 oz bottle of Hydr8 Premium Sports Drink.  I chose the red “Fruit Punch” flavor, drank a few sips and brought the rest home to my frig.

River Run start 2013