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Helllooooo Juneathon!

June 1, 2013

My Little Sis and I started the month off right, with a 2-mile fun run/walk this morning.  She is a teenager and not a runner, so we agreed to run certain segments (for me), and walk the rest (for her).  But hey, she sprinted on her own through the approach to the finish line, which made me proud, but I didn’t go on too much with praise, lest she rebel and resolve never to do it again.  It was our third fun run together; our second time to do this one, and I’m plotting our next at this very moment.

It was a gorgeous morning, which doesn’t explain the noticeably smaller crowd of participants compared to prior years.  But definitely a fun morning.  Race food at the finish line was the standard orange quarter, half banana and chunk of bagel, plus a big 32 oz bottle of Hydr8 Premium Sports Drink.  I chose the red “Fruit Punch” flavor, drank a few sips and brought the rest home to my frig.

River Run start 2013



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  1. That sea of blue looks fab! Great start to your Juneathon!


    • Thanks! I loved the shirt color this year. They’ve had some not-so-good color years. :p Good luck with your Juneathon, too!


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