Download a free Mary Quant-inspired dress pattern and tutorial; courtesy of the Victoria & Albert Museum

The fantastic Victoria and Albert Museum in London is hosting a Mary Quant exhibit this year. With it they’re putting on workshops and special events.  If like me, you can’t get to London this year, there’s this!  The museum has commissioned a dress pattern to be designed in the style of Mary Quant.  It’s now available here, with written and video instructions and tutorial:

From the V&A pattern webpage:

This easy-to-use sewing pattern has been designed exclusively for us by Alice & Co Patterns. The design includes two neckline options, two pocket options, three collar finishes, and two sleeve finishes – all inspired by Mary Quant’s iconic designs. It’s a classic A-line mini which sits just above the knee – you can shorten it if you want to show a bit more thigh, or lengthen to turn it into a more 70s style maxi-dress.

Of course I’m going to make one!

The pattern designer was Alice and Co Patterns.  They have a nice collection of other patterns and inspiring projects, too.


5 thoughts on “Download a free Mary Quant-inspired dress pattern and tutorial; courtesy of the Victoria & Albert Museum

  1. She was a big part of the sixties… When I think of a mini skirt I think of her and I know nothing about fashion. I’ve heard her name associated with it.
    I love the Donovan song.


    1. I love her dresses. I wish she were still designing, or that her brand was still going. It is still a brand, but owned by another company I think, and it only puts out cosmetics and accessories. I want more dresses.

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  2. Oh wow!!!!! This is SO cool! Thank you so much for sharing the link! I totally want to try this pattern and I can’t wait to see your interpretation of it! You always make such fabulous 60’s inspired dresses! 😀 I already know you’re going to knock this one out of the park!


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