New year, new Janathon

How many emails did I get this week that said “New Year, New You”?  Each one offered a product:  makeup, exercise plan, clothing; a literal makeover inside and out.  No thanks.  I’m doing fine.  I resolve to be more organized this year, and to otherwise keep doing what I’m doing.  And blog more regularly.  It’s been awhile…no, okay, it’s been months.  But I’ve been busy while I was away.  I’ve missed blogging, though.


My first two days of Janathon were identical and routine for me:


I am finally reading On the Road, by Jack Kerouac.  I’m forming my own clear opinions on this book.  I’m not sure I will have the courage to write a review when I finish reading it.  But I’ll try to say something; knowing whatever I say about it has probably been said before.  It is quite a polarizing piece of literature.  I now see why.

2 thoughts on “New year, new Janathon

  1. Not doing Janathon. Not officially, anyway. But, like you, I am doing a yoga/run alternate thing, in the hopes of improving on my injury toll from last year. Will be keeping an eye on your progress-just to inspire me, of course!

    Haven’t read Keroac, either. Have a vague notion of trying On the Road and not succeeding. So I’ll be interested to hear how it does for you.


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