Bicycling, my way

These past few months I’ve had to curb my running.  So, I dedicated myself to becoming a part-time bicycler.  I found some awesome cycling blogs for those of us who don’t wear awesomely embellished colorful spandex and otherwise look like we’re in the Tour de France.  I’m not mocking those serious athletic cyclers; it’s quite the opposite.  I’m in awe of their hard-driving ability, and I love the outfits.  But, I don’t see myself ever achieving that level of cycling ability. I’m just not good at it.  Plus, I’m afraid of the speed.  So, I was happy to find that there is a growing support structure for those of us who use cycling to get from Point A to Point B, or who bicycle for reasons other than extreme athletic development.  The cool theme of these blogs comes across in their names, although I don’t think they are affiliated with each other:

  • Cycle Chic (My fave cycling blog, and the leader of a “Cycle Chic” network. Check out the links to many companion blogs on the right side of the home page.)
  • Cyclist Chic (A compilation of cycling blog posts, some of which are political rants about cycling laws and attitudes toward cyclists, and overall, a very informative blog.)
  • Cyclechic Shop (Lovely cycling clothing and accessories.  And I do mean lovely.)

I bought a new spare bicycle online on Black Friday.  (How could I resist a 26″ women’s 18-speed bike for $48?)  At that price, I’m not expecting a durable, trouble-free biking experience, but a spare to keep on hand.  After struggling through the bike assembly last night, and concluding to my relief, that it is in fact a complete bicycle for that price, I took it out for a test ride.  I rode a mile, bundled up from the cold breeze.  I would have gone farther, but it was dark out.  So for Janathon day 3, I was a biker.


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