New shoes and the camera on my Kindle

It was that time again–to get a new pair of running shoes.  Hooray!  I’ve stuck with ASICS the past 3-or-so years, because they’ve done well for me.   And yesterday was ASICS day at our locally-owned running store.  ASICS were 20% off.  So, I got a new pair of turquoise Gel Cumulus shoes.

Tonight I was messing around with my Kindle Fire HD and realized there was what looked like a little camera on the lower edge of the frame.  So I went in search of the camera function.  One would think I could just search through the apps until I found one called ‘Camera’.  Not so.  But I did learn that there are two camera apps on the device.  One of the apps is just a little button in the corner of the Photo app window.  The other camera app can’t even be located on the device unless you first download a file explorer app.  But thanks to this video:

and this one:

I located both apps and figured out how to use them.

So then, I took the Kindle on a mile run/walk, in which I begin breaking in my new shoes.  I had intended to listen to a book, but instead got caught up in experimenting with the two camera apps.  The camera is front-facing, such as for video Skype and selfies–neither of which I do.

But I did take this new-shoe-selfie!

(I’m not that tan; it just looks that way because it’s getting dark outside.)


And then I had fun trying to aim and shoot some sunset scenes.  Not easy.  The camera itself is low resolution.  Only the hidden camera app had zoom and adjustable settings for lighting and subject matter.  That app also has a video option.  The camera within the Photo app appears to be totally non-adjustable.





The book that I did not listen to, is True Sisters, by Sandra Dallas.  I’m not very far into the book yet, but so far it is a rather dark story about Mormon women who made the trek with their husbands and families to Utah in the 1850s.  Much of the journey was accomplished without horses or oxen.  Instead, they pushed their belongings in hand carts.  One of the couples in the story first made the voyage from Liverpool, England to the US, to then make the journey across the US.  I’ve loved every book I’ve ever read by Sandra Dallas, and I expect this one to be no different.  But the story has me bracing for a lot of heartache that appears to be looming ahead for these hard-working, loyal wives and mothers.

2 thoughts on “New shoes and the camera on my Kindle

  1. Interesting how you listen to a book while you run! I’ve been thinking of doing that, but I’m not too sure…I feel like music pumps me up! Perhaps it just has to be the right book? Maybe I need to try it out for myself one of these days…


    1. Hi! Listening to books really only works for me when I know I’ll be doing a gentle run or quite a bit of walking. Otherwise, I forget to listen as I focus on running, and then miss big chunks of the story. It is a nice change from listening to music, though.


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