Yoga and Seeing the Doc

Yesterday’s workout was not a run, but yoga from Priscilla’s Yoga Stretches, which I hope to work back into my morning routine as it once was.  I’m already feeling the effects in my legs and torso.  Hopefully it will result in better posture for running, sitting and standing, which I’ve let become atrocious.  Her stretching workout airs here on PBS every morning at 6am.  Her workouts are packaged into 15-minute segments, which is perfect.

Priscilla's Yoga Stretches

And then came the visit to the GP to confirm a preliminary diagnosis of Morton’s Neuroma in my right foot.  And so begins my own personal journey to see what it will take to keep running.  At the moment, I’m not really worried; just need to work through this.  There will be a short run today, in the bitter windchill and an inch of snow.  In ten days, a consultation with a podiatrist.

And so goes Janathonjanathon-participant-logo

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