Yes it’s November.  But this was an “October project,” so I’ve kept the name.

This dress has always been a little too tight and a little too low cut for me to actually wear out of the house.IMG_4731w

Even in the month of Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest blouse

But I love the style and lines of the dress.  So after letting it hang in my closet for the last two years, not getting worn, I decided the only solution is to get out the scissors and fabric and start experimenting.


I want to wear it with these boots.   Not so “Octoberfest,” but very “home.”  Boots

I had decided a calico with red and tan colors in it might be best.  I found this fabric in another fave fabric shop yesterday.  The fabric is from the “Kashmir” line by Sentimental Studios for Moda.


When I saw this Kashmir border print and color pallet, I thought it presented a seemingly endless number of possibilities.
And of course, it is the name of a great song.

I bought 2 yards of the Kashmir, to give myself plenty for experimenting and mistakes.  But still, I was nervous when I started cutting strips.


First, to add some fabric up top.   This piece is basted in place here, until I decide its final placement.IMG_4741w

Then I worked in a strip on each side, for a little more breathing room.


The strip ran the entire length of the side seam and sleeve.


I’ve always wondered how a side insert like this would work.  I was worried it would scream out, “She was too large for the dress,” which is true, of course; I am.  In this case, I think the strip concept worked out okay.


I don’t think I chose the right colors for the side strips.  I chose those colors because they went well with the boots, but I don’t think they tie in well enough with the rest of the dress.  I am considering replacing the strips with one that has the red and/or blue color in it.  But this version will do for a test wearing.

I love the bell sleeves, but they are not practical.  They are long and can drag through food and other stuff.

So, I added a border strip that can function as a sleeve cuff when needed.SAM_5798w

For now, instead of a buttoned cuff, I tried a piece of leather string tied around the wrist and knotted.

One last change was to use more of the leather string to lace up the bodice.  The blue velvet string looked limp and wrinkled.  The leather goes with the Kasmir print and the boots.

The final look.SAM_5801w

The test wearing was to a concert.  I received quite a few compliments on the dress and boots, so I’m pronouncing this project a success.  Should have done it two years ago.

The string tied around the sleeve cuff works, but needs more ‘give’ for when I stretch my arm out.  So back to the drawing board to tweak that design.

4 thoughts on “Oktoberdress

    1. Thanks! Actually, the dress was a mail order purchase. I seldom buy mail order clothes anymore, because fit is such a gamble. But soon I’ll be cutting apart a sweater that I hand-knitted, so mail order isn’t the only way I have issues with fit. Sigh.


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