On finding the best fabric stores

Fabric stores with good selections of garment fabrics seem to be getting more scarce with each passing year.  That makes me all the more thankful that two of my long-time favorites are still going strong.  Each one is usually an overnight road trip for me.  But always, always worth the trip.

Kaplans Fabrics in Kansas City on the Country Club Plaza; fifty-plus years in business, with luxurious fabrics from suitings, to brocades, to tapestry fabrics, to wedding laces.  When fabric shopping is done, the Plaza is the best place ever for a coffee, meal and a stroll, before getting back on the road.

Pendleton Outlet in downtown Nebraska City.  Upstairs they sell Pendleton ready-to-wear at great prices.  Downstairs is a basement of wonderfully-priced Pendleton fabrics; bolts and ends, and trims and fasteners.

I must take photos on my next visit to each place.

I am always looking for recommendations of unique and special fabric stores.

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