Boston is a long-time pipe dream for me, so I watched with emotion this week, the tragedy, the evil, and the heroic.  Then this morning I was able to do one little thing.  Our local running community and a radio station held a one-mile run/walk for Boston.  All proceeds went to the One Fund Boston.  It felt good to do something.

Walk-Run for Boston

And, some more Janathon blogs.  It’s been awhile.  She didn’t get far with Janathon blogging, but with all of those lovely photos of knitting, sewing, needlework, and quilting works in progress, I’m completely overlooking the Janathon thing.  Quit Janathon in the middle, with an announcement even.  But is still running and is training for a marathon.  Go for it!  Nice running discussion and pictures of shoes, running magazines and other running things.  Inspirational mileage numbers!  Fun posts about running, mileage, running gadgets, healthy delicious-looking food, and lots about container stores.  Interesting!  Workout summaries, lamenting the time change to Daylight Savings (I hear ya), healthy food discussion and more.  Nice!  Audiofuel is awesome!  ‘Nuff said.  I have one of the Audiofuel marathon training music bundles, and I love it to pieces.  The blog is full of interesting and helpful fitness information, too.

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