At last, Spring. Wait, no?

I have a deadline to meet today for work.  Actually the deadline was last Monday, and now this is my extended deadline.  I’m trying to finish a [very boring] annual chapter.  The weather is sunny and finally warm.  I was due to run 9 miles yesterday, but due to the looming deadline, I postponed my run.  It will be today, followed by a bit of lake kayaking.  For the last month, we have had Spring on the weekends, and Winter during the week.  Not just a chilly day here and there, but record breaking cold and snow.  Then at the end of last week, the meteorologists assured us that Spring weather is here to stay.   But now they say Wednesday and Thursday will be cold, with a chance of snow.  No! NO! NO!!!

My lilies don’t look good in snow and sleet.


Janathon blogs:  This is a fun one.  Plenty of regular updates, and a killer picture of waffles.  I am hungry now, yet I find myself without a waffle maker or any delicious maple syrup in the house.  No updates since January, but nicely done for that month, with neat pictures and reports. Lovely reflective blog about running, walking and yoga.  Even the “April Fool’s” entry didn’t destroy the peace radiating from this blog.  I love the Erie Canal pictures, having made my one and only trip to the Niagara area exactly one year ago.  Very nicely done.  Fun jogging updates and pictures.  She stopped blogging at the end of Janathon, but not before greeting “Fabruary.”  I love it.  Definitely “fab.” Only a couple of blog updates since Janathon ended, but this blogger is definitely committed to fitness.  And sheep pictures.  Visit this blog for the sheep.  A lot of them. This person is promoting Swimathon this week.  I can’t swim.  I’m an egg beater in the water.  So, I’m in awe of swimmers.  And what this swimmer/blogger is doing with Swimathon is very cool.

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