5k’s and Fall Colors

Gosh, that was a long time between posts.  I got busy with various bits of life, and collected plenty of R-S-R ‘material’ along the way, but couldn’t get anything packaged up for a complete post.  But hey, since my last post, I’ve tried out (and liked) blacklight Zumba, the Jayhawks have had a conference win, and the Wildcats are bowl-eligible.  Yay!

And, I’ve run in a couple of 5k’s, one of which was with Girls On The Run–a cool organization that indoctrinates young girls into the running culture, and gives them all sorts of other reasons to feel good about themselves.



We’ve also had an awesome colorful Fall, that has generally made it a joy to get out and run.Lake Autumn reflection--marked  Lake Autumn bench--marked

The sun starts to set so early now.  I’d change that if I could… Lake Autumn sunset--marked

And I’m thrilled to now say I’ve sung this song with the band, and an arena full of people also singing along; to every word and every note.

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