Juneathon, day 4

Hot!  It is a hundred and one freaking degrees out there right now.  I walked a total of 2 miles today, for my transit commute and a little side-shopping detour.  I’ll do a run later when it cools off, and I’ll report on that in tomorrow’s Juneathon update.

Today Juneathon is not my only motivation to get out for a run in this heat.  There are two other very er, cool reasons to go for a run today:

  1. It’s National Running Day.
  2. It’s the eve of the 50th anniversary of my childhood hero, Jim Ryun’s breaking the 4-minute mile.  You can read his memory of that historic race here.  When I was growing up, I lived just a few houses from the stadium where he ran college track and field.  He would do his training runs on our streets in town.  There was never any question that I would be a runner.

2 thoughts on “Juneathon, day 4

    1. That would be a cool mental image. When I run, I picture the women who excel at marathons, and try to emulate their strides. Problem is, I can’t touch their pace, either! I’ll never forget watching the legendary milers when I was little. They almost made it look easy.


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