Janathon, day 23

Well, I broke my Juneathon streak this weekend.  I had an excellent streak going…for me, anyway.  But the blisters on the bottom of my foot, and a sore back caused by the heavy lifting while camping, caught up with me.  I felt it was best to do nothing for a couple of days.  I think it did help.  I did 15 minutes of yoga stretches this morning, and my mile run loop, and everything felt normal again.

This weekend is our every-other-year quilt show.  Eight-hundred-plus gorgeous quilts made by our local quilters.

Juneathon, day 20–in which a beloved place from my early running years is lost

According to this article, Kansas University will start next week removing the track from its Memorial Stadium, and leave the stadium dedicated solely to football.  So many track and field greats spent their college years on that track. As a youngster, I was privileged to run on the track for practice and in track meets.  And, I religiously watched the Kansas Relays there each year.  I remember when they converted the track from cinder to the pink artificial surface.  Talk about wonderful, inspiring memories.  Here are a few of the greats who ran on the track.

Glenn Cunningham

Wes Santee (video not at KU) 

Billy Mills 

Jim Ryun (setting a national collegiate record on the track, in the “Glenn Cunningham Mile” event.) 

A recent highlight video from the KU Relays

Yes, they’ve built a replacement track and field facility.  But this really hurts.


Juneathon, day 18–in which I try to catch up on my sleep

I’m doing my level best to get back in the work groove, and get all of the camping equipment cleaned and stowed away, and laundry done.  Tonight I returned the rental car and intentionally walked back rather than taking transit, in order to get my daily fitness fix.  It was a 3-mile walk.  Foot injury didn’t seem too bothered by it, which is a good sign that I’ll be back to running soon.

Rather than show photos of laundry or a hideous cluster of foot blisters, here are some more scenes from the Roo Run 5k this weekend.


SAM_6030w--marked SAM_6037w--marked

Yes, he is aware of the $100 fine for wearing a fuel belt in a 5k, hehe.  But I’m advocating a rule exception for people who spent the night before having a really good time and then making it to the 5k start with almost no sleep.


And now I’m going to bed ridiculously early.

Juneathon, day 17…and there’s no place like home

After five days, four nights and 1600 driving miles, I’m home from the Bonnaroo Music Festival.  Confession:  I set up my daily posts from Bonnaroo before I left, with the hope that I would be able to embellish them from the festival.  Turns out it was a good thing I set them up, because I had virtually no internet connectivity from the festival; no way to set up and publish a post.  Luckily I could make simple edits to what I’d already set up, but that is all. Physical activity was a constant at the festival.  We walked sooo much.

The Roo Run 5k on Saturday morning was a blast.  There was a costume competition, which brought out the best in running costumes. SAM_6024w--marked SAM_6028w--marked SAM_6029w--marked

(More photos to come as I get them all sorted.)

Injury report:  The 5k went fine, but I came home from the festival with a tender, swollen metatarsal pad on the bottom of my right foot, with blisters to compound the condition.  The cause was too much walking in flip-flops.  I had my running shoes and cross trainers with me on the trip, but opted for light and airy over comfort and support.  Shame on me.  It hurts to walk, run and stand.

Today’s activity was yoga, to strengthen my back and straighten out my posture after all of the lifting, and primitive sitting and sleeping conditions.  I also opted for yoga rather than even an easy mile, to make sure I won’t damage my foot further by attempting a run or walk too soon.  We’ll see how things feel tomorrow.

Juneathon, day 15

Today’s er, fitness activity consisted of lots and lots of walking around the festival. Tonight after the last concert, we will start breaking down the campsite to make less to do in the morning before we leave.