Juneathon, day 20–in which a beloved place from my early running years is lost

According to this article, Kansas University will start next week removing the track from its Memorial Stadium, and leave the stadium dedicated solely to football.  So many track and field greats spent their college years on that track. As a youngster, I was privileged to run on the track for practice and in track meets.  And, I religiously watched the Kansas Relays there each year.  I remember when they converted the track from cinder to the pink artificial surface.  Talk about wonderful, inspiring memories.  Here are a few of the greats who ran on the track.

Glenn Cunningham

Wes Santee (video not at KU) 

Billy Mills 

Jim Ryun (setting a national collegiate record on the track, in the “Glenn Cunningham Mile” event.) 

A recent highlight video from the KU Relays

Yes, they’ve built a replacement track and field facility.  But this really hurts.


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