Juneathon, day 18–in which I try to catch up on my sleep

I’m doing my level best to get back in the work groove, and get all of the camping equipment cleaned and stowed away, and laundry done.  Tonight I returned the rental car and intentionally walked back rather than taking transit, in order to get my daily fitness fix.  It was a 3-mile walk.  Foot injury didn’t seem too bothered by it, which is a good sign that I’ll be back to running soon.

Rather than show photos of laundry or a hideous cluster of foot blisters, here are some more scenes from the Roo Run 5k this weekend.


SAM_6030w--marked SAM_6037w--marked

Yes, he is aware of the $100 fine for wearing a fuel belt in a 5k, hehe.  But I’m advocating a rule exception for people who spent the night before having a really good time and then making it to the 5k start with almost no sleep.


And now I’m going to bed ridiculously early.

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