Yesterday I’d planned to run my lately-much-neglected 3.5 mile loop.  But word in the neighborhood was that there were bald eagles in the area.  So I took along my ‘good’ camera, and made it a 5-mile loop.  It felt great to go more than a mile, which has been my daily distance through Janathon.  So anyway, there was a lot of walking, i.e., eagle stalking, mixed in with the running.  I need to perfect my eagle stalking technique, because I never got very close before they would see me and fly away.  I also need a more powerful camera lens.

IMG_6173a-w  IMG_6248a-w


And Canada is invited to come and retrieve their geese, hehe.  IMG_6190a-w

The miserable and obnoxious cold symptoms continue, but thankfully there has been no fever.  I bought a new running skirt-cropped tights combination in the after-Christmas sales, and thought I would have to wait at least two more months before the weather would be conducive to trying it out.  But it was a lovely sunny warm day yesterday.  I wore a long-sleeved fleece turtleneck, which was too warm for the conditions, but intended to keep my neck and chest extra warm.  It was a real treat to run in cropped tights in January, and be perfectly comfortable.

My unplanned 6-day rest from running probably helped my ankle sprain get stronger.  It did start feeling tender at about 3.5 miles, but that is better than on the first step out the door, as it had been in the days right after I got the sprain.  I feel a strong, healthy Spring coming just around the corner, with lots of miles.

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