Sneezing, shivering, head hurts when I cough.

After spending six consecutive days in enclosed classrooms, airplanes, crowded museums, restaurants and a trolley, wouldn’t you know, I’ve started feeling head cold symptoms.  What bothers me most is that I did not run for those six days.  I’ve long believed that my consistent running staves off the bad germs.  I rarely get colds and other illnesses.  I did do a 1.2 mile run tonight, bundled up more than the weather required.  I’ll try to do that each day to see if I can hold off the worst of the symptoms.

Meanwhile, I started this knitting project–a Katniss cowl for my teenage Little Sis for Valentine’s Day.

Katniss Cowl-600x286

She loves the Hunger Games books and movies.  I’ve followed the pattern exactly, except that I’m tapering the body segment to make it more fitted under the arm.  So far, the project has been easy and fun.  Finding the yarn color and the Size 35 circular needles for the cowl part wasn’t so easy.  The free-download pattern has been popular this year for Lion Brand, which may have led to shortages in that yarn color.  I found one skein of the Thick and Quick Grey Marble in town, but had to mail order the rest, along with the big needles.  Thankfully, Hancock’s was having a sale on the yarn, and had all of the skeins I needed.  *grin*

Katniss cowl-w

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