The Bathroom Sink

Mosaic artists have covered a lot of different objects in their tile work, right?  But I’ve always heard you should never mosaic tile a sink.  I got this design idea from all of the pictures of watercolor quilts I’d been admiring.  I knew I’d never get one of the quilts made, so this took its place.  This sink was old and damaged, so I decided to give the mosaic a try.  If it didn’t work out, no big deal, because the sink would have to be replaced anyway.  After nearly finishing the project, I realized I’d used unsanded grout when I should have used sanded.  So I tore the mosaic off and redid it with sanded grout.  That was about 12 years ago.  Today was the first ‘major’ repair.  I replaced a little tile that popped out of place.  Is it good for another 12 years?  We’ll see.

To clean it I use spray liquid cleaner, baking soda, and a brush, then pat it dry with a terry cloth.


For Janathon, I did my mile run and 15 minutes of yoga, focusing on Achilles stretches.  The ankle is still tender when I take my first few running steps.  Then it loosens up and all is good.  Weather is getting back to normal January temperatures, thank goodness.  The polar vortex has moved on.

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