Infinite Snow

We are deep into Part II of the Blizzard of Oz of 2013.


So, what did I do on my latest Neos-wearing run-walk in the snow-slush?  I took pictures of snow forts and snow men I saw along the way.

SAM_2567a  SAM_2568b SAM_2569a SAM_2570a SAM_2571a SAM_2572a  SAM_2588a SAM_2611a SAM_2612a

The snow has also caused me to make more headway with Infinite Jest.  The book becomes more captivating the farther into it I read.  The various POVs used by the writer are fascinating.  Today’s reading was on how Marlon Brando’s slouches were meticulously calculated and practiced to appear totally casual in a disarming sort of way.  This was all explained by a father to a son, as to why his mother, a bit-part actress, was wrong to become entranced by Brando’s charm.

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