Taming the Blizzard of Oz

Tonight’s run brought to you by Neos.  Not the company, but my pair of Neos Navigator overshoes.  Under which, I wore my most comfortable pair of running shoes.

We got about 14 inches of snow over the last two days, and by late afternoon today, I had succumbed to cabin fever.  I was ready to get out in the fresh air, get some exercise, and check out the snowy scenery.  So, I bundled up for a two miler, with no idea what the conditions would be like past my driveway.  I briefly considered my screw shoes, but decided they would be useless in deep snow.  I went with my Neos.  I wore ski socks over my cold weather running tights.  Excellent choices, as it turned out.

Blizzard of Oz 008a

Some streets, like mine, were not plowed.  Some were plowed and had since become a treacherous sheet of ice.  No sidewalks were cleared.

Blizzard of Oz 020a

Some crossings almost made me turn around and go home.  Blizzard of Oz 014a

Turns out I got started on my run a little too late, and ended up finishing in the dark.

Blizzard of Oz 029a

Running in the Neos–when the conditions allowed for running–wasn’t bad.  Wearing my running shoes on the inside worked pretty well.  In the deep snow, I had to just power my way through, walking one step at a time.   But it felt great to get out.  I enjoyed greeting the few people who were out; most shoveling their drives.  And then there was this very nice snowman at the other end of my street.

Blizzard of Oz 009a

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