Hot and Dry

I am due for a ten mile run.  Yesterday morning knowing it would be hot, I put on my runners’/hikers’ hydration backpack.  It is like a Camelbak, but is made by Coleman.  It is designed to strap securely in place so it doesn’t bounce up and down during a run, but it adds some weight and a sloshing sound.  I also wore a running cap, sunscreen, and my good lightweight sports sunglasses.  I used the water not just for drinking, but to wet my legs and torso.  That really helped.  But in truth I got started on my run too late in the morning.  It was getting too hot too quick.  Around mile 4, I decided it would not be good to go the whole ten miles, so I cut the run in half, and finished with five miles.

Then later in the day, at dusk, I did some kayaking, which I’m calling cross training.  Even that was hot.  There was practically no breeze, even on the water as the sun was setting.  I’m so ready for a break from this heat.  And I still need to get that 10-miler in sometime this week.  Sigh.

I did see this person flying a kite as I was running.  It lifted my spirits as I went by.

And then I had to lament about the extreme drought we are experiencing.  A few weeks ago this was a beautiful, tall, green corn field.  Now it is brown and burned up from the heat and drought.

I’m looking forward to that next good rain.

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