Lake House Closet, part 1

My quilting stash is stored in a large cupboard.  And a closet.  Occasionally I do a cleanout.  It is usually on a miserable day when it is rainy, bitter cold, or I’m snowed in.  Yesterday with yet another day of 100+ degree temps outdoors, I pulled out my stash of vintage scraps and UFOs (unfinished objects).  These cleanouts usually lead to the start of a new project, or more accurately stated, the finish of a long-ago-started project.  Here is my previous Lake House Closet project:

I actually titled this quilt, “Lake House Closet.”  It consists of two sets of blocks I had made at different times while experimenting with no clear goal in mind for a finished product.  The blocks in the center diamond were from a quilt book by Marcia McCloskey.  The rose bud blocks in the border were from a Pam Bono book.  The large floral blocks in the quilt were fabrics I had on hand but had not yet identified for a project.  Below is a slightly better view of the rose bud blocks.  And of Buddy, who insists on testing all of my works-in-progress.

So, yesterday I identified a project to finish.  It is a box of yoyo blocks started by my great-grandmother.

Also in the box are circles that have been cut but not made into yoyos; and her circle pattern.

Here is why I chose this project to finish now:

This week her circle pattern turns 70 years old.

So, I’ve decided to first sew together the existing blocks.  Here is the layout I have planned.

The dimensions are 35″ x 29″.  The green block is a place holder.  I’ll make up a block of the print yoyos to fit that spot.  There are only 2 and a half of those green blocks, with no fabric to make more, so I don’t know what I will do with those.  But I’ll think of something.

Once the existing yoyos and blocks are sewn together, then I’ll decide when and how to get the other yoyos made.  Maybe I’ll start taking them to guild meetings.  That is 2 hours per month of quality time for doing hand work.

There will be no estimated time frame for getting the rest of the yoyos made.  But I want to have the existing yoyos sewn together this week in something that on its own looks like a finished quilt.  Stay tuned for progress photos.

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