New washing machine shut off valves (and more)

Last summer I recommended checking your main water shut off to your house. This summer it’s the washing machine shut offs and hoses.

Like my former main house shut off valve, the washer shut offs were this round red handled type, that can’t be trusted to last more than a few years.

This time the old washer shut off valves didn’t break or start leaking, but recently, when I tried to turn them off, the cold water valve was stuck open. I didn’t try to force it to turn, because I’ve had one of the handles break off in my hand and the valve start spraying water (a la last year’s post).

The new shut offs. I replaced the washer shut off valves myself, with these Shark-Bite connections, and cpvc pipe. As you know if you’ve done any DIY plumbing projects in recent years, Shark Bite connections are a literal game-changer, making anyone and everyone a potential plumber. They push into place. Honest. No cement, flame torch or solder required; and no leaks.

New utility sink! I also used this as an opportunity to add a utility sink, which I’ve wanted for years. I loved the sink instantly. It gives me a place to fill and empty the mop bucket, and rinse off and soak big things. It will also serve as a backup to hold washer discharge water if there’s ever a blockage in the drain (which has happened before).

New washer hoses, too. Murphy’s Law dictates that all of my ‘simple’ DIY plumbing projects will expand into a second project. This time it was new washer hoses. As I was reconnecting the washer hoses to the new shutoff, I realized one of the hoses was going bad. Turns out, the cold water hose was so corroded at the washer connection, that it wouldn’t come loose. I feared in removing it, I might also break the connection on the washer itself. I applied some WD40 and stepped away from the project to give it time to work. Success. The hose connection came loose with some gentle coaxing, and without breaking anything else in the process.

Not good.

I’d wanted the metal braided kind of washer hose, but the store didn’t have that type in the length I needed. I could have ordered and waited on them, but I wanted everything installed that day. These will be good for several years anyway.

8 thoughts on “New washing machine shut off valves (and more)

  1. I really like the utility sink you made. That would be so handy…you reminded me…I need to check our valves.


    1. Ah, the mixer. I purchased it in the mid-90s and am so glad I did. I use it almost daily. It doesn’t really belong in that spot in the picture. There shouldn’t be food prep equipment right next to the utility sink, where some gross things will be washed. I’m having to figure out a new place for it in the kitchen. It’s always something….

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      1. She loved the sink but her eyes went straight to that mixer right after she commented on how handy it would be. The mixer looks very retro to me for some reason.


      2. The mixer’s motor is powerful, and the bowl and beaters are well engineered to mix small or large batches, and for easy cleanup. It’s definitely a classic design; sort of like our generation’s version of our grandmas’ Sunbeam stand mixer. So yeah, I’d say you just got a big future gift hint. 🙂

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      3. YEP! That is it. See…after 20 years I can finally figure hints out now…I had the hardest times with that before.

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