Mask making continues, and gets more creative.

As masks have finally become plentiful, with enough supply to meet demand, my one-person mask making sweatshop is still operating, but I’ve slowed down production in order to indulge in more creativity. I’m using the same patterns as I was here and here, but have continued to experiment and add ‘improvements’ and improvisations.

I’m enjoying the process, and am grateful that I can do this one thing to help people navigate the pandemic. I’m inspired by all of the creative masks I see. Our community is under a mandatory mask order right now, and what I love most about it (besides the way it makes people keep each other safer) is looking at everyone’s masks. I love the vast array of prints and designs. Instead of people-watching, I’m now a mask-watcher.

My neighbor gave me a mask she made! I had given her a mask very early on. Then a few days after that, she came over asking where I got my pattern. Of course I printed her a copy to keep and use. Then one day she came over with this mask for me! She had worked her own details into it; filter pocket and good nose wire included. I love wearing it as much as I love my own. So, I say go exchange masks with fellow mask makers!

Another neighbor informed me that her mask was stolen from her car. So you’ve been warned, that the coolest masks have street value. Protect your valuables.

How long will we be making and wearing masks? I don’t know, but I just pulled fall and holiday woven cottons from my fabric storage, thinking I might as well get started on masks for the upcoming seasons.

And for some mask-making nourishment…

One big chocolate chip cookie…
For the sheet cookie, I added an extra cup of flour; spread the dough on a 1/4 -size sheet, and baked 2 minutes longer than specified for drop cookies.

It’s from this totally awesome recipe book.

Which apparently is still in print, which is a good thing.

10 thoughts on “Mask making continues, and gets more creative.

  1. Incredible that people will steal them from your car…why though should I be surprised.
    Well, I’ve been keeping mine wrapped around my rearview mirror…I don’t guess I should do that anymore…

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    1. I couldn’t believe it. Two of my neighbors were talking outside and motioned me to join them and told me. One had hers stolen, and the other had a friend who had one stolen. It’s totally absurd! Free masks are so plentiful right now. I’m even putting a few of mine in the Blessing Box around the corner.

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  2. That’s cool. Making masks for each other is a nice gesture. The necessity for needing masks came just as I thought I could not possibly feel worse about not knowing how to sew. LOL! I’ve been lamenting that I can’t do my own alterations for some time… now I wish I could make masks… Boy that would be great. Yours look nice. The giant chocolate chip cookie looks nice too! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you! With your passion for retro things, a bit of sewing would be so handy, for repairs and and making things fit. Hopefully this ridiculous virus won’t last forever. I love helping people learn to sew, but because of the stupid virus, we have to stay apart. I would have taught classes, gone to friends’ houses, and had them at mine; to help them sew, or to sew together, but we can’t do that. It’s so frustrating.


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